Recent Events – More Pictures down below…

More pictures down below…. I lost some and will restore as time allows.


Hello everybody. I have had so many things to catch up on since coming back online. Thank you for your patience. While I would love to post many photos since moving here, I am sad to say that I can’t. In December, just before getting online again, my hard drive on my laptop went out. And no, I didn’t have a backup for all the pictures because I figured that having a Mac computer and not being online, I would not be susceptible to a virus. We lost all of our pictures. And we did send the computer to a place in Wenatchee to see if they could salvage the pictures at least. Fortunately, I really did not take a lot of pictures of our family this year. Very few compared to usual. So, I guess I will just start with where we are now. These pictures were taken over the last few weeks.

These past months that we’ve been offline, my husband and I have really gotten some direction from the Lord for our lives more than anytime since we’ve married. He has really shown us our purpose in life, our future as far as the steps He wants us to walk and has really woken us up to many things. It has been a very deep and humbling experience that I am not ready to share publicly just yet, but we’ve shared with a few close friends. We’ve been closer to the Lord separately and together since being married and see many things in life that we haven’t really seen before. We have really grown and grown up in a lot of ways this year. It has been truly life changing and very good. Please pray that He will continue His work in us. He is such a wonderful God. 054

Little Tabitha (the one who got the stitches)


By the way, our twins are 18 months old already. Can you believe it? I am having the time of my life with them at this age. They are so fun and cute and loving to be with. They are a true joy to my heart and have done my heart so good. I never thought I could love them so much! 085

Here the girls are taking the babies for a walk around the house.


Hannah playing with all 3 babies on her bed.


Leah, 4 years old now and still just a cutie.


Tabitha (left) and Anna.



Dad with his warm eyes holding Anna & Tabitha.


Hannah and Elisabeth (Pup). Pup, you look just like your brother Matthew here. You two have the exact same expression.  : )


Elisabeth is doing so good with her reading and school work. She makes it seem hopeful that we can actually home school all of these kids. 


Hannah – She loves the Lord so much. We believe she is already saved. She loves going and praying to the Lord by herself and she sings and says things that only one who has the Holy Spirit in them could possibly say. She being a child has such child like faith, she wishes Jesus could sleep next to her in her bed at night.


Leah – You are still so radiant. This little girl has the softest voice.


Tabitha trying to figure out a new toy from our neighbor.



Elisabeth feeding the twins some eggs.


The girls received a dollhouse, a beautiful tea set as well as some other toys from our neighbor last month. Her grandchildren are getting too old to play with them so she blessed the kids so much with her generosity.


Daddy reading the kids a story before bedtime.


Babies stealing food off of each other’s trays.  I have to keep their highchairs apart from one another now.


Little girls running around197 199 201 Daddy and little Tabitha206 Leah, Hannah and Miriam


Miriam looking at the funny camera


2 year old Miriam




2 thoughts on “Recent Events – More Pictures down below…

  1. Aw, Hannah! Me too! Sometimes I go to sleep hugging my Bible because it’s the closest I can get. I’m so glad that one day we really will be able to see and touch and hug Him, and be with Him forever!
    Thank you for posting, Hadassah. I sure enjoy hearing your updates, and especially seeing your sweet family!

  2. Blessings to the Geraci’s in the New Year! May God continue to fill you with His love and peace! Praying for a joy-filled 2014!

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