We lost our baby…

We lost another little baby. I am just waiting for my miscarriage to start at home now. I was 11 weeks on Thursday. I went in today for an ultrasound because I was spotting and cramping yesterday. I really thought I would see either twins again or an 11 week old baby with a strong heartbeat. But, I had lost the baby back around 6 weeks or so. I asked the ultrasound tech why my pregnancy tests still come back red and why I am still nauseated. She shared that it’s because I’m still pregnant. I guess you can be pregnant and not have a live baby and have all the symptoms. Pregnancy always meant a “live” baby to me. So, I am sad today, my head is in a fog and I know what is coming in the next few days to week or two. I wish I was in our home, it’s hard to go through things like this in  an apartment. I’m sad today… I really want another boy. Maybe one more… but I’ll be 44 then. Thanks for your prayers, I could use them today.

3 thoughts on “We lost our baby…

  1. Oh, dear Hadassah, we are so saddened to hear that your baby has died! We pray that God comforts your hearts as only He can. 😦

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