Little Leah


Oops, this photo was supposed to go on the apartment post. Anyways, here is daddy giving the kids a story in the apartment last night before bed.  : ) DSC_0108

Little Leah. She is such a doll and a delight to me still. I love her so much. Here you are 3 years old Leah. Yes, your hair is strawberry blonde. You actually get it from your dad’s side of the family. You pretty girl you!




Little messy head but still so pretty and sweet!





Happy Little Leah!

2 thoughts on “Little Leah

  1. Little Leah warms my heart. I almost ache when I see these pictures, Hadassah. Do you know how people can come into your life and stay a short while and then leave, yet the nest they created while here only for a short while, leaves a gaping hole when the nest is empty. I do wish we could have shared the path of life a bit longer; when I want to ‘reconnect’ in some way, I come to your blog and look at pictures of you, Matthew and your family. We never met the twins and I don’t think Miriam like us all that well, so I’m always drawn to Elizabeth, Matthew, Hannah and little Leah. I am so very sorry about your miscarriage. Now you will have two children to meet in heaven! I know you’re off-line for a time, but just wanted to pop in and send warm wishes and love your way.

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