We’re Back Home

We closed on our home on Friday early afternoon and hit the freeways towards Washington State. We arrived here in good spirits last night (Sunday) to a fully furnished, 3 bedroom apartment from Alfreds Incorporated. They didn’t forget a thing… they had us set up with not only dishes, beds, dressers and the works, but also soap, laundry soap, foil and all the little things that make life livable.  : )  Our kids all woke up at 5:00 because their bodies are telling them it is 7:00… but we all had a great night sleep. We’re in a very quiet complex in a very nice area that is quite clean like Sammamish in Washington.

Yesterday when we stopped for gas, a miracle happened. I got out of the car to put gas in and went back in the car to find it locked and with the keys in the car. Little Matthew was sitting between the babies in the backseat and could not get out of the seatbelt. Matthew kept trying to talk Matthew into unlocking the belt and I went in to the restroom. I was so scared. I prayed that the Lord would help. I got out and Matthew still could not get Matthew out of his belt to unlock the door. All of a sudden, my husband pulled out his Chevy Truck key and inserted it into the door lock and turned and opened the door. He said, “I can’t believe it, I just felt the Lord telling me to put my key in your door and the door opened.” We were both astonished. I just had to get in my seat and shut and lock the door to have him try it again and he did. The key wouldn’t go in 1/16th of an inch. We both can’t believe the miracle the Lord did. You always hear of Him doing miracles for others or read of the miracles of the Lord in the past but when it happens to you, it almost scares you because you see how big God is and you see that He really is here.

We’ll have lots of time here since we don’t have any animals anymore to tend to, etc… so I will be taking pictures and writing more on the blog in my spare time. It feels so good to be back home.

One  more thing… On the West side of South Dakota, just before heading into Wyoming, I smelled the sweetest smell while driving for hours. It was white pine trees and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the air smelled. It was so wonderful to see trees, rivers, streams and mountains again. What I always perceived as dark (all the trees), I see so beautiful now. I did not cry when we left Washington a year ago, but I shed a tear when I saw the sign, “Welcome to Washington.”

3 thoughts on “We’re Back Home

  1. Wow! What an encouraging story! God is so good!
    I was thinking of you and praying for you the last few days; glad you are home!

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