I failed to mention that when the babies were in NICU, I went to visit them one evening and two ladies mistakenly thought I was the grandmother of them.  It actually warmed my heart. I love the aging process… I just wish my bones didn’t hurt in my body so much already.  : )
I try to hold my babies each morning for a while while everybody is eating. I don’t get much time with them and it’s hard on me. I try to steal 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there with them as much as possible throughout the day. Lately, it’s been hard because Miriam usually goes to her father so I can take care of the twins. She is vying for all of my attention now that daddy is in the hospital. Anyways, I love holding two babies, it is the most wonderful and natural thing for a mother to feel.

3 thoughts on “Grandma

  1. Sigh! So, so sweet! It looks like such a wonderful feeling! They are so precious! I’m praying for your dh and watching your posts, even if I don’t always get to comment. Blessings! (mamagroff)

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