Another Update

We were able to go visit daddy today in the hospital as some Mennonite neighbors watched over the twins and Miriam during nap time (and brought dinner over for tonight and tomorrow). Matthew didn’t look too well. He hasn’t eaten any foods since last Tuesday and has lost a lot of weight. He was around 185 last we knew… now he’s in the 160’s. I am very upset because once again, this all could have and should have been prevented. One of his numbers was 785… it’s supposed to be 40 or less. Now it’s down to the 500’s and still coming down too slow so they increased his antibiotics. Matthew spoke with the patient advocate and a nurse who has heard about the treatment of my husband over the months (being told to go home as they couldn’t do anything for him), has written up an incident report.

I know more now. They are trying to get his infection down so they can do laser surgery on his gallbladder. If they cannot, they will remove it the old fashioned way which entails a 6 inch scar and 3 weeks of healing verses 6 days or so. They are planning on doing surgery on Tuesday but I don’t know anymore. What if his numbers aren’t low enough? We are talking about coming to a place that if his numbers aren’t low enough by Tuesday morning that they remove it the old fashioned way. My husband needs to get back to eating and healing up. Who ever thought a gallbladder could cause so many problems? Well, it shouldn’t have. I’ll update more as we find out more.


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