Government Medicine…

Update:   Today (Thanksgiving), Matthew is in the hospital. He went in yesterday and they found a stone in his duct. They took blood work and he has some bacteria in his blood and something going on with his liver. He has jaundice with the yellowing of the eyes too. Once the stone passes they will hopefully pull his gallbladder out. They still may not do that until tomorrow though.  : (

Update:   Matthew will not be able to come home or have his gallbladder removed until his infection in his gallbladder subsides. This will be several days. I am furious at the VA’s incompetency in not correctly diagnosing this 4 months ago or so when he first started going in for pain. He would not have an infection if they had diagnosed and removed it immediately. My daughter is flying in from Washington State on Monday, thank God for good Christian neighbors to help. They will help with watching kids, rides or anything else we need. Their sons are milking our cow each morning and evening. So, we do have God’s hand upon us.

My poor husband was sent  home last night at 3:00 in the morning with his gallbladder still intact. Because he’s going to a VA hospital, this is why things are so slow. They shared that because he’s not in a catastrophic situation, they could not remove it until his appointment. He has a consultation this Friday for surgery possibly Monday. My daughter is flying in from Washington State on Monday so it may end up having to be Tuesday. So, while I’m sharing this my husband is laying on the couch downstairs in horrible pain again trying to get a nap in before milking the cow. Thank God they gave him some morphine pills. He just took 1/2 less than half an hour ago. Hopefully, he’ll be able to sleep.  : (   Thank God he won’t have to wait 4 months to have it removed as he was told the other day.

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