Update: Well, here’s government medicine for you. He was told that his consult is on the 20th but they won’t be able to remove his gallbladder for 4 months!!! Fortunately, the doctor shared that if he has another gallbladder attack (like the  one’s he’s had for 5 nights out of 6), that he can go into the emergency room and they will just prep him and do surgery then. He is having another horrible attack tonight and should be arriving there right now. Pray that they will remove it so he can get on with life. Pray that I can make it through the day cheerfully with a full load of kids.

Our main computer is out for repairs at this time so I am just going to sit patiently and wait for it to come back before posting pictures. My husband finally was diagnosed with gallstones. He has continued to have gallbladder attacks and sad to say, I found with his symptoms that he most likely had gallstones before the doctor’s diagnosis which took several months and several trips to the VA hospital. So, on the 20th of this month they will most likely be removing his gallbladder.

Matthew is 4 years old today. I have a nice pan of homemade brownies cooling for him right now. I had my most normal and beautiful day of labor with him 4 years ago. We are so grateful for him. I’ll post pictures later when the other computer is back.

The kids have been sick all week, but we’re all making it just fine. The house has been filled with peace for 3 days… I’ll share more later. I hope everyone who reads this is doing well. May the Lord bless you…

One thought on “Update

  1. so good to hear! Gall stones are no fun, but I’m so glad it was nothing more serious, praise God! you have such a beautiful family; God bless you! Enjoy those brownies and happy birthday, Matthew!

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