We’re into Milk Again…


Our cow just gave birth to a heifer (daddy’s really happy about this), so we are into fresh milk again. It is shocking to see the difference in color again. Grass fed milk on the left and grain fed, feed lot, bleach and chalk added on the right. If you are not familiar with this, please read “The Untold Story of Milk”. It is an excellent book.

3 thoughts on “We’re into Milk Again…

  1. All right! We just dried our cow off this week; I’m SO looking forward to her coming fresh in December! Enjoy!
    btw– how are you and dh feeling these days?

  2. I grew up drinking raw milk. It came straight from the neighbor’s cows who were grass fed. The milk was white, it wasn’t tan like the photos you show. This was in the 1950’s in New York state, holstein cows. How do you explain the difference in milk color?

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