Our Twins Are Home

Here is what we saw after I walked in the door. The kids all gathered around… all seven of them. : )

 Here’s Anna. They are still wearing their hospital clothes, blankets, etc…

Here’s Tabitha

Tabitha and Anna. I tell them apart by what they wear right now. Though I could tell them apart as Tabitha is just a wee tinier than Anna and has a paler face and a little more delicate looking too.

I love how they look together.

Daddy holding Tabitha

Mommy and her babies. I can’t help but look at them and think that they were inside me so recently. I’m still not close to my due date of September 7th.

Sister Elisabeth feeding Tabitha

Sister Hannah wanted to feed Anna too!

8 thoughts on “Our Twins Are Home

  1. YAY!!! Love all seven of them together. The older siblings “oooing” over the new treasures. Seeing Anna and Tabitha snuggled up together, especially the one with you holding them, makes my heart smile. Congratulations once again!

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