More Kid Pictures…

It was a hot, lazy day when I took these pictures. There was just enough of a breeze to make it comfortable outside on this day last week.

Kissing mommy’s pregnant belly.

Such a nice looking boy to have.   : )

Hannah and her duck I picked up at a discount store.

Little Leah giving the babies a kiss…

Leah and her little duckie. She used to bite the beak so it’s a bit of a mess.

Lots of pictures of you Chops (Matthew).

Happy boy…

… and not so happy girl!

You had that little flare nose when you were born last year Miriam.

Almost looking school age to me.

Hannah is actually 15 months older than Matthew, but he is already taller and bigger than her. Daddy is reading a book I ordered for him on bee keeping.

Little Hannah. We got your pretty dress from our neighbor the week before. They have pretty dresses at their church that they give to people who are interested. She thought we might like some.

Leah made a seat for all the ducks, then made a seat for herself right in the middle.

Pretty, little Miriam. You’ll be a year old next month. I hope I am here (not in hospital) to make you a little birthday cake. You had a lot of changes this year. I know it was hard on you.  : (

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