Daddy’s Swarm

Well, I guess it’s a good thing we moved out here because daddy has always wanted bees and this just couldn’t have happened on the Washington coast where everything gets wet and moldy.

There were enough bees to fill all 10 frames of daddy’s super hive. It is called a “super” because of the dimensions of the hive. We just ordered a new hive that will be arriving tomorrow. In order to keep the bees, we needed another hive so that they can begin to inhabit that hive as well – otherwise they would leave.

Next year we should be able to get our first load of honey. About 60 lbs per hive… I’ll check with my husband if this is correct.

They are pretty in their own way.

Daddy is brave, for he took a long metal scraper and somehow gently brushed them off and dropped them into the hive the other day. He doesn’t use any protective equipment. He learned first hand how to deal with bees from a neighbor in Washington State who keeps over 30 hives a year. He shared that it’s a waste to use all the protective gear because you can’t see and hear what is going on as well.

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