Yesterday when I found out I had failed the 3 hour glucose tolerance test, I was in tears as I didn’t know if I could poke myself in the finger 5 times a day. My dear husband seeing my distress, shared that he would try it on himself and let me know if it hurt much. I told him that he may as well see what his blood sugar reading was since he was going to go to all that trouble for me. Well, to our surprise it was 200… 140 or less is normal. He took another test this morning and it was still well above the normal range, and called the Veterans Hospital. Right now he is having some lab work done to check for diabetes as I speak. I feel for my husband, for he may have diabetes while my condition will most likely go away after I deliver the babies. I am so glad that he stepped in to be brave for me last night or we may not have known until something worst could have happened. My husband always shares a story about someone he knew: A man had a nail gun and it somehow went off and went into his abdomen. When this man went to get an x-ray, they found a large cancerous tumor in the path that the nail was pointing to. They removed the tumor and the nail and the man lives on today. This situation reminds us of the story in a less dramatic way. I’m now grateful that I have Gestational Diabetes and feel so much love towards my husband for stepping forward to try to help me feel better. And he did.  : )

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  1. Also praying that your sugar levels will not give too many problems over these last weeks of your pregnancy. Take it easier, now, if you possibly can. Will be watching out for further news about all of you. Keep trusting our Heavenly Keeper.

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