Wind Chimes

Our friends (The Realtor who sold us this home and his wife),  came over a couple of weeks ago for lunch and a little fellowship. They brought a box out of their vehicle and handed it to me saying, “You’ll either love these or they’ll drive you crazy.” To my delight, I found the most beautiful, wood wind chimes in the box set to the perfect note of E… so they don’t sound too chimey but rather a deeper, prettier sound. I have always wanted wind chimes and it couldn’t have come about in a nicer way as a gift. Thank you again friends.  : )  Matthew loves them so much, he wants me to get some for the back porch now.

Daddy just got done putting the wind chimes up and the kids are observing the beautiful sounds and sight of the new wind chimes.

They sat on the ledge here and watched the chimes for some time.                                           I had to take a picture of these silly kids.

Leah, you are always so cute! You warm my heart.

2 thoughts on “Wind Chimes

  1. So happy you enjoy the wind chimes! As one hears the beautiful tones gently wafting through the sounds of the day, it is almost like a reminder from God that He is our constant companion.. Thanks for the pics of the children too! Leah’s smile is an invitation to embrace life! Hugs and love to all!

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