Our New Home in Iowa

We arrived here on March 19th, 2012 to do a final walk through with our agent and the banker before heading to Iowa City to sign the closing papers on the home. I turned the knob to the front door and it was open so I had to take a few quick pictures before they showed up.

The front of the home

Inside the front door. The people who had the home built just a few years ago had old flooring put in throughout the home from an old house. All the doors are old and beautiful with old doorknobs. The upstairs bedrooms have the wide, plank wood floors that I love so much.

Beautiful woodwork and cabinetry throughout the home makes it seem so cozy.

All the curtains were drawn so you cannot appreciate the “light” that comes in here.  It was so dark in our living room in our home we had in Washington, I have to pull the shades down in the morning as the sun is in our eyes.

A blurry picture, but I had to share that they left us some wonderful canned goods on the table. They are kind people and we are still in touch with the previous owners.  We gave them some extra milk we have from our Jersey cow the other day and she brought over some cookies.

Hannah looking at the pantry/mudroom

The kids have their very own playhouse. They have spent hours in it already.

Our little, family barn.  We broke down and bought a Jersey cow a couple of weeks ago. I’ll take a picture soon. She gives us over 3 gallons of milk a day. We are enjoying the benefits of endless yogurt, milk and some butter too. The butter is a deep yellow color.

Elisabeth running down the back stairs. Now that we are getting the last things unpacked, it’s starting to feel more like our home. The area is pleasant, the community here is wonderful. I was sitting on the couch this morning looking out the window at some trees that had a little yellow on them and thought how Fall is coming. I then remembered that we haven’t even had a Summer here yet. My mind is do used to our very short Summers by the coast in Washington, that my mind was already gearing up for Fall based on how much sunshine I’ve seen here already.

7 thoughts on “Our New Home in Iowa

  1. I LOVE it! BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love all the woodwork. So homey. And my, what a spectacular play house. Love seeing your new home. Look forward to seeing how you set things up.

  2. Thank you for sharing these pictures, Hadassah. Tom was right. Your home is beautiful and PERFECT for you. God is wonderful and on top of it all he is gifting you doubly with twins! May your journey continue to follow the footsteps of the Lord as you embrace each new day. Love the pics of the kids. Someday Tom and I will have to take a drive to Kalona and visit. I’ve never been there. As I read your blog I can see you smiling. I trust the Lord is healing your heart and taking you to the higher places. As the deer longs for running streams so I long for you O Lord my God.

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