Our Journey – Part 4: Kalona Park

These pictures were taken at a park in Kalona just before we moved into the home.

Well, they aren’t in an old Model A Ford like my grandfather’s pictures from the early 1900’s, but they sure do look cute.

Momma pushing the kids

Little Miriam



I looked at this view through the camera and found that we will not have enough swings here for all of our children in a few months. How about that???   : )

2 thoughts on “Our Journey – Part 4: Kalona Park

  1. Praise the Lord! I came across your blog address in my contacts and thought I would look up where you all landed 🙂 If you are near Kalona, you are quite close to us, we would delight in a visit! We would be happy to make the trip, as sounds like you have traveled quite a bit! How wonderful that you are expecting twins! We had twins, baby 3 & 4, It was a joy in many ways! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could store away sleep 🙂 Just pace yourself, and try your best to enjoy those first months, things do get easier as you get the routine in place. I know you have a lot of love and support from your husband, which will be wonderful when the schedule becomes FULL. 🙂 We are also expecting, and are very blessed with the hope of precious baby twelve, due on our grandson’s first birthday, Oct. 23. Would love to hear from you!
    Sister Angela
    Titus 2:11-14

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