Our Journey – Part 3: Beautiful Iowa

Here are some beautiful pictures of Iowa. We think it is such beautiful country right up there with Pennsylvania but more of a “home country” look.  This will probably be my most favorite post regarding our journey.

On the way to a local Amish store. They sell milk buckets, dishware, Dick and Jane books and eggs for just $1.50 a dozen. 

A little closer…

The quaint, little store. They have hitching posts just to the right in this photo where the Amish park their buggies with their horses.

Leaving the store. It’s a beautiful, lush green now. This photo was probably taken in early March just before everything in Iowa turned green.

Farms, a common site everywhere

We asked a woman working at the Amish farm where we could buy some lambs. We could not find the place but did find this home with a bunch of lambs and sheep. Daddy and the kids are taking a closer look at them.

Now for my favorite pictures. We were driving back after going to the electric company to get the power switched over to our names for when we would move in in 3 days. We found this home business of an older gentleman who sells beautifully, restored tractors…. Massey Ferguson, John Deere, etc… They are in pristine condition and sparkling clean behind the barn doors here. Daddy went to look with the man and I let the kids out into the 80+ degree weather to run around. You can see why…

My favorite picture of Leah. You melt my heart so much Leah. You are so tender and loving.

Isn’t it beautiful in the background?

Nice, warm sun

Feeling good laying out in the sun

Little Miriam, you’re getting big

Elisabeth and Leah


Brother and sister

Beautiful Iowa

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