Our Journey – Part 2: Kansas, Kentucky and Kids

This may not be the most exciting post as I took very few pictures that were worth posting until arriving in Iowa. But, we want to be able to reflect back upon this time later on so I thought I would share here on the blog.

Kansas – When we arrived it was around 15 degrees with a very cold, hard wind. We were shocked at how quickly the cold would penetrate through our clothes. Changing a diaper in the front seat was hard to do but Miriam stayed pretty warm with the heater on from the car and my dress blocking the wind.

Kentucky – The only area we really seemed to like. We looked at a home down this road and my husband and I sat and watched some Amish children playing in their front yard. There were maybe 10 to 14 of them and they seemed so carefree and happy compared the the average children who sit and play video games and watch television all day.

Hannah and Miriam going to sleep together. Because Hannah is such a wiggle worm, we had to move her to another bed later on.  But, she got to enjoy going to sleep next to her little sister.

Elisabeth and Miriam slept together many times. I would wake in the next bed in the morning to hear Elisabeth giggling at her sister who was raising her head and looking at her.  I miss that a little bit.

Matthew with what appears to be his original blanket. We lost it along the way somehow… maybe getting out of daddy’s truck or at a motel scrunched under the covers. We bought him a new one but it just isn’t the same as the one they have from their very first days.  : (

Hannah, you are always dressing up your bears! You little cutie.

Always playing together.

Miriam, you were still not moving around much so it was safe to put you on the bed… until the last week or so.


I wish I had more pictures of you on our travels. I usually take so many of the new baby in the house. I will have to play some catch up. You’re about 6-7 months here. Normally, you’d be just about crawling right now but since you were in the car seat so much of the time you’re a little behind…. so I still get to cuddle you like a baby.  : )


In Washington, Iowa about 15  miles from the home we were waiting to close on. It was an 80+ degree day here and the kids were sitting outside after coming home from the park. Daddy took them to the park just about every single day while we were waiting for the home to close here.



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