Twins Baby Girls

Here’s a head shot picture of our identical twin baby girls. We just found out today that they are girls. Though we were hoping for boys to make the numbers more even, we are both over it and happy they are both doing so well. They are showing no signs of Twin to Twin Transfusion. If all goes well and the lowest baby which is Baby A, is head down later on, they will allow a vaginal birth. I’ll go in for ultrasounds every 2 weeks now. I asked if they could even do anything if the Twin to Twin transfusion developed so early and he assured me that they could do laser surgery to separate the vessels where the blood was transferring. So, please pray for the babies and for us as these visits will cost us some money as we aren’t covered 100% medically under our plan but you can’t put a price on life and a year or so from now we won’t know the difference while they will possibly 70+ years from now.

3 thoughts on “Twins Baby Girls

  1. Twin girls!!! I’m so happy and excited for you! We’ll have our u/s next week on Thursday.
    I can’t wait to see pics of your new home, too! I have your new website bookmarked now. 🙂
    ~andrea watson

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