Our Journey – Part 1: Washington to Arizona

Our poor little kids here have no idea of the impact of how their lives are going to change over the next few months.  I took this just a few hours before we left our home in Washington State. We drove through the rain and dark after signing the closing papers around 4:00 or so, and stopped in Oregon for the night.

Here we’re in Oregon the next day. The weather was getting better already.

Hannah sleeping in the car.

Pretty country somewhere in Oregon.

Here we’re at a Rest Stop in Oregon. We always took over an hour break during lunch time. The kids would run around and play. Surprisingly, through all of our travels I believe there was only one time that it was too cold or rainy for us to go outside for a good amount of time during lunch.

Momma and her kids.

Daddy and the kids.

Looking out over a pretty river.

Little Miriam how you have changed since January here.

 I forgot, you had scratched your little nose!

Mt. Hood in Northern California

Mt. Hood again and daddy’s truck ahead. We had to leave it in Kansas later on.

I was hoping that some who would never venture this way could appreciate the beauty of this mountain.

I believe we are in California here getting closer to Arizona.

We saw this scene for most of the day it seemed. It was a hard, long boring day of travel.

One of our stops in California.

The palm tree the kids were looking up at.

Oh Leah you are so precious to me. Always following your older siblings and they let you so. You have become such a part of the family. You are so light and tiny like your sister Hannah was. Your steps are dainty and your countenance is light.

Really getting close to Arizona. You can see how the land changes.

Arizona in front of the “Poisonous Snakes” sign.  Probably day 3 I believe.


This is where I thought I left this camera, on this table. Thankfully, it was found underneath my seat in Iowa weeks later. Here’s daddy walking our lunch over to the table. Many more pictures to come in the next couple of weeks while I can. Two days from now we’ll find out if the twins are girls or boys. I’ll post then.

One thought on “Our Journey – Part 1: Washington to Arizona

  1. This “Forever Eastern” girl LOVES all the pictures. The creativity of our Lord is something to behold. Beautiful land and beautiful family. Kids are growing and so incredibly sweet looking.


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