Moving to Kansas

I’ve been waiting for some time now for all things to go through before announcing that we are finally moving – and to Kansas! Why Kansas? First, because the Lord has led us there through prayer. Second, because nobody else wants to move there. We’re thinking that Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky will be even too fast for us. We’re looking for what the world sees as boring as we tire from the fast, evil affairs of the world. It appears there’s still some good, kind folks back in Kansas.

We’ll be heading out December 30th and we’ll be driving the Southern Route. I’ll take some pictures along the way (if I can remember). We’ll be heading to Burlingame, just South of Topeka. We have found a home we are very, very interested in purchasing. Since we need a place to land, my husband called about us going to this home and renting month to month since we need somewhere to go anyways. We will then see about purchasing the home. Maybe we won’t have to move again.
Some things I have discovered about Kansas in my research: It is not all flat, gold prairie land. The North East part in which we will be going is full of rich farm lands and lots and lots of green. It is gorgeous. Flint Hills is another beautiful place with gorgeous green hills full of flowers. Someone likened these areas of Kansas to France. Tornadoes… we are not concerned too much about the tornadoes. I am sure we are much more likely to perish from a car accident than from a deadly tornado. Most people in Kansas have never even seen a tornado or the cloud formations preceeding one. Anyways, here’s some pictures of the progress over here:





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