Baby Miriam to 2 Months

Here are some new baby pictures of Miriam up to 2 months of age. We love you baby Miriam. We already can’t imagine our lives without you. : )

Here you look just like your little brother did when daddy used to carry him around. We nicknamed him Chops because of this same look with the mouth open. You are adorable!

You were still a newborn here

Pretty little smile. You started smiling at 2 weeks old! Nobody would believe it I’m sure, but your mommy and daddy did see it regularly. : )

You look happy and content here, little Miriam.

Beautiful smile!

In your pretty, new dress that Sister Angela made just for you from Missouri. She does the finest work on her children’s clothes. She sent us some bloomers and more dresses that fit Leah as well as some beautifully made pants for Matthew with suspenders.

Look at those beautiful, blue eyes you have Miriam.

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