Update… Baby #6 is on the Way

Update: This pregnancy didn’t support the baby so we will look forward once again and see what the Lords’ will is.

Yes, you read the title right. We have a 7 week old and another baby on the way. We are so excited! I had signs of fertility at 4 1/2 weeks postpartum and shared this with my husband. We usually do things really safe and wait until 6 weeks postpartum but… I really didn’t think the Lord would bless so soon but He did. The beautiful thing is that 4 days ago I had a faint feeling that someone was missing. Usually I have a very strong feeling that someone is missing and that someone is a baby who isn’t born yet. It was very faint and I shared with the Lord, “Please Lord, bless us with just one more child.” During prayer I was overcome with such a pleading place of wanting another child, I was overwhelmed and started crying. I felt the presence of the Lord and just knew we would have another child for He put the desire on my heart so strong during that moment of prayer. Only the Lord could do such a thing as I have never felt so strong to want to be done having children as I have just after giving birth to Miriam. Anyways, I called my husband as He was out picking up our Azure Standard bulk food order and shared with him about how the Lord brought me into such a beautiful place in prayer that I believed He was going to bless us with another child soon. I had no idea He was just preparing my heart so I could be in joy about it. We always knew we would have five children as He told us this some years ago. Six is such an extra blessing though, I can’t believe it. Our children are getting just old enough to contribute to the family, our family is just starting to flourish and we are just starting to reap some blessings after such a hard, hard work. So, I guess our baby will be born around June 10th 2012, Miriam will be about 10 months old and we will have 6 children, five years old and younger – no twins yet! : ) I’ll be 42 years old when this little one is born. Though we lost a child last year, I believe this one will be joining us because of what the Lord instilled in me the other day. We are just elated. We bow down before You almighty God.

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