This Year’s Garden

Well, daddy has been at it again. Lots and lots of good food this year. We are excited as we will be venturing into herbs next year. I made an elderberry glycerite for the kids this upcoming Winter and a milk thistle tincture for my husband and myself. Much more to come but we’ll get back to that later.

Pumpkins. Daddy is actually growing a very large variety of one that gets up to 50 lbs I believe. These were just a couple weeks ago… they are much bigger now. We will be using many for our chickens for feed this year.

Peas. We are starting to shell them and make good old pea soup already. We will need to buy a pea sheller next month.

The pumpkin patch.

More peas

Lettuce and mustard greens. We are eating salad every day now. I make a beautiful dressing with olive oil, flax seed oil, raw organic apple cider vinegar, garlic and italian spices. Sometimes a little balsamic vinegar. Lots of chicken or real tuna (from the ocean here), good cheeses and olives. My husband never cared for salad, now he can’t get enough.


A little sweetie

Corn – It’s as tall as us now. We will get corn this year. We’re going to process the corn silk too as it’s excellent for the urinary tract… very cleansing.

Big Boy – He’s only 2 1/2 years old.

Hanni holding some red romaine and Elisabeth holding a tomato.

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