Thinking of my Baby (Leah)

Our baby won’t be the baby much longer. With Miriam due any day now, I am trying to hold, cuddle, kiss and spend more time with my baby. I always have such a hard time after a new baby comes because there is a sense of loss with the other baby. I can have hope that maybe it won’t happen this time, that I can spend some time with both of them. Leah is coming up on two already, it’s so hard to believe as it’s truly gone by so quick.

Some things about Leah I want to remember:
When she points to something, she says “Uh, uh”.
When showing me her play animals she makes a cute, sharp barking noise, “Rerw, rerw, rerw”.
She is quick to repent after having a fit and will come and lay her head in our laps.
She can sit quietly around me playing while I make dinner or knit while the others play outside.
She reminds me of Elisabeth here.

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