New Dress Style and 25 Weeks Pregnant

These past months the Lord has been leading me towards a new dress style… a little on the prairie style side. Since I cannot find a prairie dress pattern for an adult, I found that the nightgowns are nearly duplicate of a prairie dress. I cut mine apart and made a dress made out of muslin. I put my jumper I made last month over it and found it very much to my liking. It is the most comfortable dress I have ever had. A friend at a church we are praying to move to Missouri to attend is sending me a pattern for a smock and a head covering as well.

The dress I found to be a bit long compared to the jumper so I have since hemmed it up once. I’ll be making a corn blue dress next month with the natural muslin pinafore/smock over it. I’ll post pictures of that later. It should be an improvement over this one.

Twenty-five weeks pregnant here with baby Miriam. I feel absolutely great most of the day other than back pain from car accidents. Since we’ve changed our diet so much this past year, I’ve only gained about 2 pounds, but baby is gaining steadily.
Life is good. Our days are full again.

2 thoughts on “New Dress Style and 25 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Very Pretty!~ when I was expecting our little Laura (now 10 months old) I was in the middle of changing my dressing style as well.. I never felt comfortable in anything I ended up wearing throughout my pregnancy. I wish I would have had a pattern/dress like yours. You look very beautiful in it by the way! 🙂 blessings to your family ♥

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