Knitting – My New Love

It all started 2 months ago with a Knifty Knitter. I bought a small, round one and made a couple of hats. I was so impressed that I just had to try my hand seriously at learning how to knit. I had tried knitting back in 2004 when I was still working and could not get my hands and fingers to work at all. I still had a great desire to learn but felt it was futile. So, when I looked at some videos at that a friend had recommended and found that there are actually two ways you could knit, I then knew what my problem had been in the past; I was knitting the wrong way for me. I find the Continental Method that my Norwegian ancestors most likely knitted this way was natural for me. I am right handed and it calls one to work with their right hand. I don’t understand why they call it the left handed method… it’s anything but left handed. So, if you have struggled and failed and knitting before, give yourself one more try using the Continental method as shown on the website listed above and you may find yourself enjoying life much more as I am myself.

First real project, a sack for our soon to be born Miriam made of baby alpaca yarn. It is ever so soft.

A soft, wool hat. Good practice on circular needles. I then finish the top using the Magic Loop Method. I have used double pointed needles and they do work for me but I prefer the Magic Loop Method so far. I bought 3 new skeins of this Cascade 220 wool for $9 at the Goodwill. I’m still using it for making hats for Winter.

A washcloth for the kids bath, I just finished last night.
I just did random stitches with a little border.

Practice baby blanket. I have some merino wool coming for a baby blanket for baby and wanted to practice lightly with a pattern and border using cotton yarn. I love working and practicing with cotton… it is cheap and I can always use it. I can’t stand the feel of acrylic yarn – it feels so unnatural against my skin while trying to knit. I can’t wait to try hemp, linen and other natural yarns one day.

Undyed Peruvian wool hat. My husband loves it. I can’t wait to make another one with a more manly pattern. Over 400 yards of this yarn is only $15. They have many other beautiful undyed yarns that range from nearly white to ebony black. I love the natural colors.

A washrag for our dishes. Great texture and absorbs wonderfully. I love trying new patterns on dishcloths. I can’t wait to replace all of our tan, terrycloth dish cloths with homemade ones like this.

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