The New Bunkbeds

We bought some beautiful, used bunk beds from the other day for only $99.00. They included a built in desk and dresser and mattresses that are in great shape. While daddy was assembling the beds upstairs with the two older girls, I watched you two romp around on the mattresses downstairs. It was fun.

On another note, I am having such a hard time having bunk beds. You see, I really miss tucking both you older girls in the same big bed each night. It means a lot to a mother to feel like she’s taking care of her kids even until the end of the evening. I had just bought you some fleece sheets to keep you warm up there at night and really felt like I was taking good care of you. I saw these bunk beds and thought they would be a good bargain but didn’t think about what I would miss… : ( It’s not the same not being able to tuck you in in the same bed. You both seem so far from me. Sigh…. I think I’m just too touchy on these things. Well, I hope you enjoy your bunk beds. I can’t wait til you’re out of them again, personally.

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