Our Pumpkins

Here’s our first pumpkins. Daddy grew all these from seeds. You all had your own pumpkin. Mommy has already made 3 pies and we ate one of the pumpkins with dinner one evening with butter and brown sugar. It was delicious. We have 11 up the hill here ready to prepare for the freezer or more pies (or pumpkin bread), and I think your daddy shared with me today that we still have 26 down the hill that he could see. : )

Little sugar pumpkins – Aren’t they pretty? Daddy was in deep thought last night and shared how sad it is that the devil and the world has turned such a beautiful food given from our Creator God into something so evil. We are just so appreciative to have this blessing of a good, first crop of pumpkins.

Elisabeth and Matthew inspecting one of the pumpkins.

Hannah helping out. They pulled this little wagon up the hill (with daddy’s help of course),
full of beautiful, little pumpkins.

Elisabeth holding up her prized pumpkin
Matthew, oh you’re so cute…
These are the ones we had for dinner the other night

These were for pie. Amazingly they made 3 pies. Here’s a fantastic recipe (use real cream in place of evaporated milk though): http://www.pickyourown.org/pumpkinpie.php

A real beauty
Unripe but so pretty

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