Our Day Part One

Our weather has been exceptional lately. I have had the urge to take my children to our nearby (7 minutes away) ocean to run and play. Today I decided was the day.

On our way there. This is Grays Harbor

Brady’s Oysters. We used to trade eggs for oysters here last year. They were delicious!

Arriving at the beach

Straight ahead

Looking towards Westport

Looking towards Tokeland

Beach Houses

Gorgeous day. We nearly had the beach to ourselves. This is pretty normal here.

Beautiful waves

Looking for shells, rocks and anything else they can find

One of the many beautiful sand dollars here

Here’s our boy playing in the sand

Here they have all found something fun to do


Going up the BIG, grassy hill
View from on top of the hill

Many sand dollars just laying on the ground. They were everywhere today.

Matthew, you lost your shoe!

Friendly, little centipede

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