Duck Dinner

Well, we finally tried duck meat a couple of weeks ago. I slow cooked these skinned ducks in the back room in our turkey roasters for a few hours. When I walked in the door from being down at the barn that afternoon, I couldn’t believe what I was smelling…. one of the most delicious fragrances I’ve ever smelled before. If you have never had duck meat, you are missing out. It is absolutely delicious. It smells and tastes better than turkey. I thought it would be a strange meat since you cannot find it in the supermarkets much. No, it is such a deliciously rich meat only people like the French would have something so wonderful in their markets as they truly know how to eat.

Mind you, I only ate about half of the meat here. : ) When my husband has more time he will leave the skin on. I can’t wait to try it. I made a wonderfully rich stock with the leftovers and the fat in the pan and had a delicious soup a couple days later.

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