This Little Piggy Stayed Home

Like I shared, I would take more pictures of our little piggies. Here are some pictures I took the very day we got them as well as some the next day when Matthew put up some electrical wire.

Nestled close together in their sleeping quarters

You can see how little they are compared to daddy. He’s putting a feeder in for them. They are the size of medium/large dogs right now. Within 2-3 months, they will be nearly 200 lbs and ready for the table.

Inspecting their boundaries. When they hit their little noses to the electrical wire, they yelp and run away like little doggies.

You should see this now, it’s really a pig trough. They have burrowed the ground throughout the whole area like no rototiller can.

Elisabeth is watching the piggies. Hannah has other things on her mind.
Here they are digging down deep around a post

I think this picture is cute. Look at their little, curly tails.

Plowing the ground

A happy pig has lots of mud on his nose – so we heard.
: )

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