Turning 40

I will be 40 years old this Saturday. I can’t believe it. While I’m not into the 40 and fit or over the hill themes, I take life very serious. It is very short. The reality is we will all die.

Where am I at right now? I am finding a new way of life and living. It has nothing to do with me turning 40 but where the Lord has led our family. I recently read a book called “Real Food” which opened my eyes to what I already have resided in my heart regarding eating well. Many of the practices she writes about regarding eating nutritiously come from the Weston A. Price foundation. I can clearly see that the Lord has been leading us down this road these past few years. We grow our vegetables each Summer to freeze and consume them throughout the rest of the year. We’ve already raised and slaughtered and consumed the best Angus beef you could ever eat. Tomorrow we will be getting a couple of feeder pigs to put in our freezer in a few months. We’ve traded duck for freshly caught fish and hope to trade our homemade laundry soap for honey from our friend the bee keeper. What we do not grow or raise I will look into trading or purchasing during the Summer at local farms or farmers markets…. talk to the people as well and see where God leads. Like I said, it is a way of life more than just nutrition.

God intends for me to work in the fields helping my husband plant and gather our food. This is the way of life, so much better than wasting time on an eliptical machine. We eat butter and coconut oil and many cholesterol ridden foods as they’ve always done before. Did you know that cholesterol actually helps repair damage to the heart and blood vessels? Doctors use cholesterol in heart patients during surgery. See for yourself and read the book. It is a compilation of stunning medical facts and things that have been concealed through the government and the American Medical Association. Heart attacks were nearly unheard of before the early 1900’s.

I have been on low fat diets, I tried the Atkins diet. I remember Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda and all the fads from old to new. I will not try the new one called the Gluten free diet. God intended for us to eat bread and one of my greatest pleasures in life is to grind wheat or rye for bread each day for my family. It’s full and healthy and ever so rich, in more ways than one. God intended us to eat meat and the richness of the land and to work and live and bear children and worship Him. He made us to endure hardships and even persecutions. This is life. He’s doing a work in me on the inside that will continue reveal itself on the outside. I cannot believe where I was just 5 years ago…. I can’t believe where He has brought me thus far.


I have nothing in my past to share of that is good. My entire family has forsaken me because of my beliefs and ways of life. If they could see me now, they would “really” think I am nuts. I thank God for my husband though who is just like me. We strengthen one another as iron sharpens iron. We have purpose and such a short time to accomplish all that we wish to accomplish.

What do I see ahead? What are my hopes and dreams? To continue to raise our children in the ways of the Lord. To have the Lord build what was stolen from me or wasted by myself. All the years. That I could look back on my death bed and say that alas, my days of youth were spent foolishly but I thank You Lord that you gave me increase in my latter years as you did Job. In between I see farming and God building community around us where ever He may have us. I see us milking our own cow for the first time and making cheese from our own cow, yogurt, butter, ice cream and all the delicatessies of life. Watching Matthew chop wood for the first time, the girls making their first loaf of bread and their first Thanksgiving meal. I see holding my first grandchild and missing having a baby – “Oh, how quick it went”, I will say. I see the five good years of health I’ve prayed for that my husband and I may have when our last child leaves our home. The quietness returned but a little sad and empty not having children to run throughout our home. Holding my husbands’ hand again while we walk outdoors. And one day holding my husbands’ hand and sharing with him how much I love him when he parts to be with the Lord. I don’t like to think about this but this is what’s real. I don’t want to waste my life. And then it will be my turn. I see my tears knowing it went too quick. Only one time to live on this earth before I depart to be with the Lord.

I pray Lord that these things can be fulfilled. That our children can obtain a Godly inheritance. My heart cries out to You Oh Lord. May we worship You more Lord. May You Open the eyes of others to see Oh Lord. Our time is short. Our time is short. Oh Lord, I pray that they will not continue to bury themselves in the worldly enticements of the day. But that they will look upward to You Lord. That they will not listen to the noise of the world but they will listen for You in that quiet place Oh Lord. Help them Lord. They know not what they do. Help them Lord.

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