Get Your Baby Chicks Here

Though we sell baby chicks and eggs all year round, there is a busy season during Spring and Summer. Today we put our big sign back up. Here’s our afternoon:

Elisabeth riding down to the barn with me on a bag of chicken feed

Daddy walking the sign to the end of the driveway to put up

Trying to get it just right

See our busy highway? You should see it in the Summer! The ocean is about 6 miles straight.

And here we go… we’re open for business again. This year we are selling baby ducks (as well as some full grown), homemade laundry soap, soap (when we start making it in another month or so) and hopefully some baby turkeys. We’re waiting to see if they will hatch. We’ll be growing all sorts of different vegetables too but don’t quite know yet if we will have enough to put a sign out this year. We are very new at that. I’m wanting to even try to grow our own rye as it doesn’t need to be hulled and it endures the roughest of climates.

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