Sourdough Pancakes – Yum!!!

Sourdough Starter
Whipped Egg Whites
Pancake Batter with Sourdough Starter
Fold egg whites gently into batter

Ready to go. Yes, my pan is this dark. I’ve had it for a good 10 years now and love the dark color that has developed.

Flipped over a tad too early but still looking good, huh?

And here you have one, delicious sourdough pancake. We made lots more on our skillet. : )

I made some REAL sourdough starter from “The Baker’s Companion” King Arthur Cookbook. I made it with rye flour. After time it gets replaced with regular, unbleached flour and the rye taste gets replaced. After a week of getting the starter just right and making a big, fat loaf of sourdough bread that we already devoured, I had to make some sourdough pancakes. I added a cup of starter to this recipe from Mr. Breakfast: Homemade Pancakes. They were simply divine.

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