Good Trade – Duck for Fish

We had a customer come by who works in the fishing industry. He asked my husband if he would trade one of our ducks for some fish. My husband was happy about this offer. One evening during dinner our customer came by with about 20 lbs of fish. I don’t know what kind of fish this is but it’s much bigger than a flounder. There were several in the box that my husband filleted that evening. We have had fish 3 times already and have a lot left in our freezer. He would like to trade crab, halibut and more. He also makes vodka and sells it for $10 a gallon. I am going to purchase some and make vanilla extract with it (soak cut vanilla beans in it for several weeks) and use it for some pasta recipes with tomato sauce, cream and vodka. Yum!

One of the fish

Dinner cooking – It was delicious

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