A Beautiful Day

While the other kids were napping the other day, I took Elisabeth outside and we just explored. I had to run up to get my camera. It was just a lovely day.


Here’s one of our Barred Plymouth Rock roosters

It looks like he’s posing for the camera here

And again…

And again.

Here’s a Silver Laced Wyandotte – Isn’t she pretty?

The chicken pen is pretty bare this time of year so we decided to put some of our chickens out in the fields. Here they are next to the strawberry patch.

Here’s our Welsummer rooster. The welsummer hens lay really dark eggs… a pretty coffee color brown. I’ll have to post a picture sometime.

Here they are foraging along side the fence. You can see them clear into the other field if you look close.
Along side the barn

And look what we have here. Chickens on top of our pile of wood chips! The girls like playing on top of the pile here… well, maybe not for long. ; )

Here’s our Chocolate turkey. They are a rare breed. We had to finally do away with our last “big boy” because he is unable to mate with these hens. The broadbreasted turkeys are just too big to mate. But, this chocolate on the other hand should be able to. He usually looks a little shy to me though, so we’ll see…. We’d like to incubate some eggs and hatch turkeys.

Here’s where Matthew will be planting all of our corn and vegetables this year. I can’t wait. Last year was experimental and yielded some good collards, green beans, snow peas and more. This year I think we will do really well.

Just a pretty picture from the barn

Elisabeth having fun on the ladder

And here’s Little Bear “Lilla Bjorn” in Swedish as someone shared with me recently. : )

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