The Buckeye Pottery Company

I found this old jug on the other day. She was selling it for only $2.00. I looked up the brand name and history on this little find and this is what I found:

“The Buckeye Pottery Company of Macomb, IL — The old pottery company was in business from the late 1800s to the 1930s at which time the Buckeye Pottery buildings were purchased by the Haeger Company for the manufacture of floral artware. Joseph Pech, a native of Bohemia born in 1827, emigrated to America in 1852, living first in Wisconsin, then in Ohio, and ultimately in Macomb, IL, where he founded Joseph Pech & Sons in 1882, which later became known as The Buckeye Pottery Company. An old historical record from Macomb (ca. 1885) states: �Among the other industrial institutions of Macomb is the Buckeye, which is located on Carroll street, near the railroad track. This was established by the present proprietors, Joseph Pech & Sons, in 1882, they erecting the necessary buildings at that time. They have a capital of $20,000 invested here, and afford employment to some 20 hands. Most of their ware, which is of a superior quality, is made from clay found within the limits of the county and sent to Nebraska, Iowa, and other western states.� (source: an online collector’s site) I found several examples of this pottery’s utilitarian items on Worthopedia’s database of auction house records.”

I just think it looks nice on the dusty bookcase in our living room.

3 thoughts on “The Buckeye Pottery Company

  1. I have a 15 gallon Blue Ribbon Brand/ Buckeye Pottery Co. crock with bale handles in great condition. Because I’m downsizing and moving, I need to sell it. I’m having no luck in finding a value for it. Any ideas?

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