Random Pictures

I thought I would play catchup on some pictures taken in the past that I haven’t posted. And just some random ones I thought would be fun.

One of my early sewing projects. I’m still using this burp cloth for Leah now. It was Matthew’s last year.

A purse I made over a year ago. It started to fray right away thought (this was made out of a valance) so I never got to use it. The kids liked it though!

Some pretty aprons I started but never got to finish. I have about 16 or so unfinished. I can’t wait to complete this project one day. Life’s just a little busy here though….

These sparrows lived in our barn for a time. These are actually the babies of the sparrows that hatched them. They flew out within a few days of me taking this picture.

My pregnant belly just a few months ago with Leah.

A pear from our pear tree. Delicious like a fine, white wine.

A grocery bag holder that I made just a month or two ago.

Elisabeth 3 years old

Caveman, oh I mean Matthew. He’s chewing on a bone I gave him from my rare occasion of a good steak dinner.

Snowflake pictures I took yesterday. Matthew and Elisabeth cut out snowflakes yesterday. We rarely get any snow here so this will have to suffice.

One of my finds – A $3.00 box of vegetables I picked up at an outdoor market yesterday.

Me and Matthew; I’m trying out Picasa photo editor here.

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2 thoughts on “Random Pictures

  1. What do ya know? I just found out how to leave a comment back to you all. I'm a little slow when it comes to these things. ; ) Thank you Neysha for your comment. You are so kind!!! I hope all is well with you.

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