Pictures of a Beautiful Day

Oops, here are some pictures I had on a draft for this blog from November 28th. Well, my mind isn’t all there yet as Leah was only 1 month old that day. We’re still having our spree of clear days but my is it bringing some cold weather… some nights 17 degrees.

Here’s a big, beautiful tree outside of our kitchen window. It stands majestic like on top of our hill overlooking the highway and pasture down below.

Here’s a shot from me standing next to the tree.

Here is another shot. This view is towards the ocean only a few miles away.

Here’s our back pasture on the other side of the house and down the hill. My husband will be planting a lot of vegetables back here next Spring. I can’t wait!

Here’s our walk up the driveway. I love walking on our property for exercise. Nothing beats being at home.

I thought this was a pretty Fall/Winter picture.

We have severe wind storms out here. A contracted maintenence crew has been cutting trees like crazy along the highway so as to avoid downed power lines. We were able to receive some of the shavings for free. This will all go out to the pasture to amend the soil. We have some in the barn being used for bedding for our chickens.

Part of our chicken pen

Here’s our barn

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