Mushrooms Everywhere

Today was a day we do not see much around here… sunny and clear. I went outside for a while, picked up some branches from our recent storms and spied some beautiful mushrooms. I ran in the house to get my camera and take some pictures.

Here is a mushroom my husband carved out of wood from a tree years ago before we met. I thought it would do well right by our front porch.

We live about 7 minutes from the ocean. It’s very cold and wet around here. This is a patch of grass up by our home. Look at all the moss. We even have moss growing on trees around here… strings of it. It’s kind of pretty though.

Here’s the start of many different pictures I took of the variety of mushrooms around our yard today. I wish I knew if any of them were edible.

This one reminded me of a toad.

I think this one is really pretty.

Another favorite of mine.

And yet another favorite.

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