Matthew at One Year Old

My how this year has gone quickly. Never would I have thought that I would have been pregnant twice and borne two children within one year. Here are some pictures of our little Matthew.
You can see he isn’t too little here. I had trouble feeding him a bottle in later pregnancy. You can see why. I’m just starting to feed him again now that I’m recovering from my c-section.

You big boy. I can’t believe you fit in momma’s belly a year ago!

This picture I took this morning. November 17th. His birthday was on November 14th. It was a glorious day, labor and birth I will never forget. I walked around in the sun for 4 hours near the hospital to make sure I was in labor. I kept talking to my husband on the phone to let him know about the progress. I was so excited! He called for childcare and came to meet me at the hospital when I was 5cm and getting some good pain. He was so big when he was born, we couldn’t help but be proud of our boy.

Here’s our little softie. I always shared with Matthew that our son would probably be the most “wump womp”, even more than the girls. And he is! But, I love his tender heart. Now I know why some are “momma’s boy”. Though I will let him become a man too one day. : ) You’ll find me praying and filled with worry when Matthew teaches our son how to cut wood or chop the head off of a turkey.

Standing but not walking yet. I’m in no hurry.

Matthew sitting quietly. I love this picture.

Birthday boy and his cupcake.
I made homemade vanilla cupcakes with our blackberry preserves with a dollop of homemade whipping cream. Yum!

He’s having fun with his cupcake.

More fun!

Just look at that mischievious expression on his face!

Matthew didn’t eat much of his birthday cupcake but he sure did have fun with it! I guess that’s all that matters. : ) Happy birthday my son. I love you so very much.

Here he is with his momma not too many weeks after his birth. I miss his first year already dearly. It went too quick. I shed a lot of tears this past week. A lot. Of all the children I didn’t want him to get any older. I wish I could keep him between 4 and 7 months old for life. I’d tote him with me everywhere and he’d be such a joy to me. But, I guess God intends for our little ones to grow up. I pray I can savor their babyhood and childhood moment by moment so much more. It seems the moments get lost in dishes, diapers and daily work. I’m far from it and far from where I want to be there. It is hard having lots of little ones. Please pray that we continue to mature that we can look back and know that we have done well and more so be pleasing to the Lord.

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