Our Little Leah

First for the pictures… : )

Here she is still at the hospital. Born October 28th at 1:09pm. Weight: 6lbs 14oz, Height: 20″. She is really tiny.

Mommy and baby Leah.

Our growing family, all six of us. I can’t believe there are six of us already. We now have four children three and under. I would have never thought it possible if someone told me we would have this many children by now.

Marilyn. She was with us with three of the four children. She is a wonderful lady and we hope she’ll be coming to our home for a visit soon. She has her beautiful, black horse next door to us on our neighbor’s property. She just loves her. We love how wonderful she is to see each year when we return for care with another labor and postpartum care. Lovely, lovely lady.

Another picture of Leah. Almost like the first one but a different pose. : ) We think she’s pretty!

Our story: On the morning of October 28th I got out of bed and found I was bleeding again. I had been bleeding throughout this pregnancy and though I had had several ultrasounds, there was no appearance of a separation of the placenta. I went in for my nearly 39 week appointment I had scheduled that morning at 10:00 and had an ultrasound to see if she was head down. I mentioned to the ultrasound technician that I was bleeding again and could she please check the placenta. She quickly found a separation from where my scar was in the front from a c-section in 2006 and called a couple of doctors in for confirmation. They confirmed and shared that I needed to get up to labor and delivery for a c-section right away. She shared that once it starts to separate from the womb, it’s like a cloth tearing… it can tear away pretty quickly and we could lose Leah or I could even possibly die due to blood loss (though rare today). I called my husband and he made arrangements for the children to come to the hospital.

Once in labor and delivery they wanted to get me in the operating room quickly. I discussed with the doctor about the spinal not working in 2006 and how terrified I was about it not working again. I’ve also had two epidurals that didn’t take as well. She talked to the anesthesiologist and when the anesthesiologist came in she immediately shared they would have no problem giving me a general to put me out completely providing the circumstances. The only thing is my husband couldn’t be in the room with me then. I was okay with that as I knew I would see him and Leah when I woke up. I couldn’t believe we were going to see our baby for the first time so soon and this day.

I woke up extremely groggy of course and remember seeing my husband and Leah when they wheeled me to my room. Matthew was holding her and feeding her a bottle. She was so pretty like our other children. She looked and still does look a lot like Hannah to us. Marilyn helped me a lot through the next few days in the hospital and Leah started nursing well. Much of last week is a blur to me as I’ve been on pain medication but I’m recovering very well compared to my c-section in 2006 and we are already getting a little back on our comfortable schedule at home… two weeks earlier than we would have ever expected. Leah is a week old today and we are all loving her. Little Matthew is just starting to come up to her lately and wants to touch her head. Of course he being a boy wants to pat her kind of hard on the head. Elisabeth and Hannah love getting little things for me, her blanket, a towel or anything I forget when I am nursing her. They are doing really well for having a new baby here. I love them all. They are all such a blessing to us. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings forth from finding out who Leah is more and more to looking forward to the excitement of wanting to be pregnant again.

So, welcome to this world little Leah. We hope to provide a good start in life for you. We know things are a little noisier here at the Geraci household than when your earlier siblings were born. But, it’s a good noisy… most of the time. ; )

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