Baby’s Coming

My husband just took the kids down to the barn to play for a while and it just hit me hard that within three weeks we will have a new baby here again. I can’t believe it. I’m so excited! These past few weeks all I can think about is having the baby so I’m finding it hard to blog or sew or do much but a little cooking.

It seems that each pregnancy goes by quicker than the last one and each child hits their first year quicker than the last one. All through this pregnancy Matthew and I have been in a good anticipation about me getting pregnant with our fifth child because that will be a fulfillment of what we saw three years ago from the Lord – five children. Now we are praying for more by faith.

I have another ultrasound tomorrow to make sure Leah is head down. I will be 39 weeks the following day. I always felt that she would be born in October… we still have some days left so we’ll see. Little Leah sleeps more than any of the children I’ve had in my womb. I have a good feeling she will be a good sleeper after she is born. So far with these three children I’ve borne, they have all been sleeping through the night (until 5:30am) by twelve weeks. By six months our lives are really feeling quite normal.

Please pray that all does go well with the birth. The bleeding I’ve had concerns me as I am hoping it’s not placenta accreta where the placenta attaches to the c-section scar in my uterus (and the placenta is in the front). This causes bleeding through late pregnancy and hemorrhaging at birth as the placenta detaches from the scar, usually resulting in an emergency hysterectomy. I wish the doctor hadn’t have shared this with me because it is always there in the back of my mind. My midwife shared that if it’s the cervix (which I hope it is), I may have a really quick labor or bleed a lot. So, I am a little scared up front but my spirit is at rest with all that is before me. I just really have a feeling that I can’t shake that all will go very, very well. So, as long as I stay in God’s rest and not put my mind to such things I think I can be at peace throughout these last hours or weeks.

I may not be blogging anymore until Leah arrives so please be patient with me as I’m sure I will have plenty of new pictures of our newest daughter very soon. : ) May the Lord be with you.

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