Homemade Vegetarian Pizza

Poor Matthew wasn’t feeling too well to his stomach last week so I made a vegetarian pizza instead of our usual. It was just as delicious and made for a nice change.

Here I rolled out some dough that I made earlier that day. When I first started making pizza a couple of years ago, I sure had trouble rolling out the dough and getting it on the pizza pan.

I usually just heat up some tomato paste with olive oil and Italian herbs on the stove for my pizza sauce. That way I can get it to the consistency I like. I like to slather the sauce on the sides of the crust too.

Added cheese. I received a large hole type cheese grater from Matthew’s mother a couple of years ago. It saves me time when shredding cheese for pizza.

Lots and lots of mushrooms. Yummy!
Next, I added green peppers, black olives, fresh garlic and onions. I then cooked it up and added fresh basil, tomatoes and topped it with parmesan cheese. Sorry, the cooked picture just didn’t turn out but you’ll have to trust me, it was delicious! We had no problems not having the meat on it this time.

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