Home Grown Turkey

Here is our first turkey we butchered out of our flock. My husband picked out a smaller one and he could barely fit in the pan. I don’t know what we’re going to do when he butchers one of our big boys. We raised the White Broad Breasted turkeys this year as they do not show any pin feathers and come out looking really clean as you can see for yourself. My husband does a wonderful job cleaning them. He just made a stainless steel table for the rest of the birds he will be butchering. I will try to get a few somewhat clean looking pictures of the procedure again this year (depending on when this baby will be born).

And how was the turkey? Absolutely delicious. Full of flavor and the gravy is nothing like you’ve ever had. We’re still enjoying turkey sandwiches now and I can’t wait to cook another one for Thanksgiving.

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