Here baby Matthew is going to get his first real haircut. I think Daddy is looking forward to this. We always thought it would be at about 18 months but after I give him a bath he looks like a rooster in the back and top of his head. So, I guess it’s about time little Matthew.

All innocent looking and ready to go.

What’s going on back there?

Wow, this is neat stuff. I love the noise daddy’s toy makes.

This isn’t too bad!

All done and given back to mom. He was a good boy and did very good for his first haircut. I’m glad the change wasn’t too drastic. Daddy did a great job!

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  1. Yes! Daddy did do a good job. He looks very handome. My Zack still cries through each haircut. We keep his very short so it gets cut frequently, I thought he would have gotten used to it by now.I am always amazed at how a hair cut makes them look older.

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