Upcoming Pictures…

First of all, things are looking great these past few days with my pregnancy. I do feel that I may have an early baby and hope so. There are some signs… : )

Here are some posts I will be posting in the upcoming week:

Making homemade laundry soap – 18 gallons
Our homemade pizza
Sugar cookies from my favorite cook book
Little Matthew’s haircut from daddy
Homemade scones
Collards from our garden
Matthew’s stainless steel table he built

I may be posting a little less frequent since the baby is nearly due. But, you can count on me to post tons of baby pictures for the first several months after little Leah is born. I can’t wait to meet her. Our children are just beautiful to us and so precious. After three hard years of learning to adapt to having to be on demand to everything… especially when tired or sick, we are getting the hang of it. We have a wonderful routine that has just saved us so much. It has improved the home and our marriage tremendously. We get things accomplished and have rest (8 hours of sleep and a nap many times too), teach and read to the kids daily, read the Word, sing a hymn, cook delicious meals, tend to chickens, gardening and harvesting, butcher turkeys, build things for the home, enjoy company and more. Our lives are full. They haven’t been for either of us until we married and now we are in the fullness of it. It is rich. It is beautiful. We are so, so grateful. Thank You Lord, only You could have put us and this together.

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