In Need of Prayers – Pregnancy

I’ve had bleeding throughout this pregnancy. Last night it started again and I went to have an ultrasound this morning to check the low lying placenta for separation. Unfortunately the ultrasound won’t pick it up unless it’s 30% or more separation. It looked fine. The doctor noted the amount of blood with the exam though and sent me to Labor and Delivery with a warning that if it didn’t stop within a few hours they would be doing a c-section TODAY! I prayed and prayed while there during my 7 hour stay. The bleeding did cease but started again lightly right before my release. They do not know why the bleeding. It could be the placenta separating or the placenta growing into my c-section scar which is not good. Please pray for the health of our baby, my health and that the next time I go in will be to deliver a baby vaginally. I was just in last week for bleeding. I am on complete bedrest and know that if I go in for ANY kind of bleeding again they will do an automatic c-section. I am just humanly scared, but I also love being in the position of having to turn something completely over to the Lord. My eyes look upward now so much more than when all was well. Thank you for your prayers.

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