Homemade Noodles

We’ve been making homemade noodles for about 2 years now. We love them and just can’t go back to the store bought. Anyone can make them and the ingredients? Egg, flour and salt.

First, crack 2 eggs into a bowl.
Add 2/3 cup of flour and stir with a fork.
Add one more 2/3 cup of flour and stir really, really good. Add a couple dashes of salt now too.

Get your hands in there and mash it around. Squish it, mash it, whatever you need to do to get it into a firm, solid consistency.

Now we just bought a hand crank pasta maker last year. You really don’t need one of these to make wonderfully, delicious noodles. If you don’t have one, just roll the dough out on a floured surface until it is the thickness you desire for the noodles you are making. I always had Matthew roll these out. They take some serious man-power to roll them out well! Here, I rolled out a sheet as I wanted to see how it works for future lasagna.

Here’s my noodles for our chicken noodle soup.

And walla – here’s our deliciously fragrant chicken noodle soup. It was wonderful.

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